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Situated in the beautiful county of Herefordshire, Marches Petanque is home to some 16 Petanque Clubs who between them field some 20 odd teams. Some odder than others. Also included is a team from just over the border – Brecon. Indeed Brecon along with the West Hereford Petanque Club of Staunton-on-Wye were the main instigators (back in 1992) of what was to become the world famous Marches Petanque League.

Several years ago, the ‘League’ became a Club and were affiliated to the English Petanque Association -Heart of England Region. A number of players from the ‘Marches’ often travel to various West Midland venues and beyond and over the years have enjoyed some success in the various competitions.This affiliation no longer exists, and we have reverted to being an independent league. Those players who wish to compete in the EPA competitions have not been forgotten,however. The Herefordshire Petanque Club was created in 2014, as a seperate entity with EPA affiliation, and anyone who fancies their chances has the opportunity to join and play anywhere.

Our main competition is the Summer League which is played on balmy summer evenings by barmy Marches players during the months of April through to September. Twenty or so teams are separated into two divisions of 10 or so teams all fielding a minimum of six players each.

Within Herefordshire we hold other events such as the closed triples, pairs, singles. Also West Midlands competitions are held at the Seven Stars PC, Clehonger.
Clubs will always welcome new players into this interesting, absorbing, friendly and social sport of Petanque and whether you are eight or eighty, firm or infirm, mad or sane….etc etc. There is always a place for you.

Any enquiries regarding this website......

If you have anything of interest including news, incidents, photo's...etc. that you would like to see published on the website, do please email, write to or telephone your
Results Secretary;

Jens Bryan
Telephone: 07766167218
email marchesresults@gmail.com

Sample Sheet

On first sight, the sample sheet does look a little daunting though true to say it’s probably a little over the top, but the sheet does illustrate the various issues that are prevalent at most venues. Referring to the matter of strings, It is thought that all piste’s in the league are strung and that, coupled with our local rule that boule’s and coch’s crossing strings are deemed out of bounds, should lessen the possibility of players being struck by a thrown boule. In my view, it’s common sense.
Blank Sheet.
Can be completed on-line and then printed off. Perhaps you may well prefer to ‘copy & paste’ from the Sample Sheet (Word Version only) and then modify to your own particular environs/situation.

Needless to say, clubs/teams should read out or draw attention to their own Risk Assessment measures before each match.
Finally, do contact any member of the Executive Committee should you require assistance.

Health & Safety


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